Saini Bhawan

One Saini family

"He who serves community-Serves God"
The foot prints of Great men all remind us for the service of humanity.

Our History

In December 1945, Sh. Kaka Ram Saini, a pious soul, donated a piece of land to Saini Community to construct some useful institution for the betterment of Community vide a registered deed at Ropar. The said land , now abutting on the Saini Bhavan road, was transferred by the donors in the name of 'Saini Maha Sabha, Main Doab Ropar for setting up a 'Saini Ashram' thereon. Sant Sadhu Singh, Advocate Ropar happened to be the President of the Saini Maha Sabha at that time. KAKA RAM SAINI CHARITABLE TRUST (Regd. ), SAINI BHAVAN ROPAR, was created to fulfil the desire of its donors. The work on this long awaited project of Saini Bhavan,a "Light House" for the coming generations,was started in April, 1982. All the existing properties, movables as well as immovable, and also those which may be acquired by the Saini Bhavan Ropar, hereafter, too shall vest in the Sh. Kaka Ram Saini Charitable Trust (Regd.), Saini Bhavan Ropar. During its short life, this institution has established its identity by rendering very valuable services to the general public of the area irrespect of caste & creed. Being a wholly Non Government Organization, the Institution of Saini Bhavan, Ropar works to promote social, cultural and educational programmes to create awareness, brotherhood among the community. In this complex, the Managing body of Saini Bhavan Ropar has been successfully running a Saini Tailoring & Embroidery school besides conducting other multifarious activities with a well equipped office in the said building. Kaka Ram Saini Charitable Trust besides successfully running a Tailoring, Embroidery and Handicrafts school,also started publishing a quarterly magazine 'Saini Sansar' to inform and educate the Community about its past inheritance, present socio-economic problems and important Saini personalities who have excelled in different walks of life. It has a matrimonial column as well as literary and scientific content. The Trust also helps the poor/ destitutes in extending relief in crisis and calamities.

Another Trust housed in Saini Bhavan Complex is known as Saini Charitable Education Trust (Regd.) Ropar. This Trust, registered under the Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860), has been established to provide monetary aid to the brilliant and needy students of the area in acquiring high quality education. It is being run with the help of donations from philanthropists under the direction, Control and superintendence of a team of honest, dedicated and enlightened Trustees. As guided by the Indian Trust Act, vacancies of Trustees, office bearers are Filled by the sitting members of the Board of Trustees, in each case, either by consensus or by majority vote as the case may be. The Trust has constituted two types of scholarships, viz; Regular Scholarships and Casual Scholarships. The interest accruing from the fixed deposits is used to fund the Regular Scholarships whereas The amount donated, on yearly basis, by the donors is used to fund the Casual Scholarships. The Trust distributes the Scholarship amount to the needy and brilliant Students during the Annual Function in the month October-November after through Seriating of the submitted applications by an expert Committee. In addition to the above stated activity, Declamation Contest in English as well as in Punjabi language is also conducted on the day of Educational Function. The winners in the Contest are awarded books and cash prizes.

Offers computer courses to young boys & girls.
Distributes scholarships to hard-up brilliant students
Helps find suitable matches for eligible brides & bride-grooms.
Holds declamation contests on Current burning topics to increase the awareness.
Reverberates & bolsters the voice of the community to fight for their rights.
Felicitates struggling & successful Personalities from the community.
Imparts training in embroidery & sewing to needy women.
Enlightens people through its magazine "Saini Sansar".
Counseling is provided to estranged couples.

The Trust has a small library and also runs a Computer Training Centre whose Students from weaker Section of Society are charged nominal Fee For various Computer Courses. The Trust is Committed to serve the Country and the Community So that the light of knowledge spreads evenly in every nook and corner of our Society.