Saini Bhawan

One Saini family

"He who serves community-Serves God"
The foot prints of Great men all remind us for the service of humanity.


Donate, now, to undermentioned Trusts through Indian Bank Ropar to ameliorate the condition/status of the community:

1) Kaka Ram Saini Charitable Trust (Regd.) Saini Bhawan, Ropar: Saving A/C No. 833562779, I.F.S.T. Code IDIB000R027
2) Saini Charitable Education Trust (Regd.Ropar: Saving A/C No. 497139854, I.F.S.T. Code IDIB000R027

Your contribution, for this noble cause, would enable the weaker section of society to acquire skill and professional education. It would result in the overeall development of our society/country.


A) Donate to Kaka Ram Saini Charitable Trust (Regd.) Saini Bhawan, Ropar for the welfare of Bradri.
B) Donate to Saini Charitable Education Trust (Regd.) Saini Bhawan Ropar to help the needy and brilliant students to complete their professional studies.